Infertility and Pregnancy Loss

Ronda Trumper M.A., Registered Psychologist

The Many Losses Associated with Infertility

The desire to have a child is one of the most basic human drives and if something is happening to interfere with achieving that goal it can make us question our sense of our self, threaten the quality of our relationship with our partner and others in our lives and our focus on it can interfere with our achieving other important life goals.

Some of the Challenges Associated with Infertility

Infertility Counselling

Individual and Couples Therapy is helpful in supporting people who are experiencing personal distress and interpersonal difficulties either caused by or exacerbated by infertility. Counselling sessions can provide a safe and trusting environment for addressing the issues related to infertility and allow opportunities for personal healing and relationship enrichment.

My Experience with Infertility

I developed a special interest in infertility counselling after struggling with infertility in my own life. Since going through my own journey of infertility I have worked with the fertility clinic in Calgary for the past 10 years offering support and guidance to other people who are struggling with this emotionally challenging experience. 403.827.4113 1511 - 10 Street South West, Calgary, AB T2R 1E8